Tools are becoming available for implementing systems with CBOR.

Get to know CBOR and check your data in both binary form and JSON-derived diagnostic notation on this simple interactive website.

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CBOR diagnostic utilities

Convert between CBOR and a few other formats, including diagnostic notation. Pretty-print binary CBOR to see what's inside. Installation: gem install cbor-diag

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Write a specification in CDDL for what the overall structure of your CBOR data should be. Generate example instances from that specification. Validate instances against the specification. Specifications are as simple as:

reputation-object = {
  application: tstr
  reputons: [* reputon]

reputon = {
  rater: tstr
  assertion: tstr
  rated: tstr
  rating: float16
  ? confidence: float16
  ? normal-rating: float16
  ? sample-size: uint
  ? generated: uint
  ? expires: uint
  * tstr: any

(Example based on RFC 7071.)

Installation: gem install cddl

(CDDL Specification: RFC 8610.)

Test vectors

Test vectors with valid CBOR data and the decoded equivalents are being collected in the CBOR github repository.

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Tutorials are being created for CBOR. Here's one (in French). Yes, that's about the amount of text you need to become familiar with CBOR...

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